Winter Blues

"with more joy through winter"


Mental Health

Winter Nutrition and

Heartwarming Routines

"As a Brazilian I am very familiar with winter depression. 

As an expert for joy & serenity, I know a way out of mental darkness."

Don't wait until the darkeness and cold weather lower your spirits! 

Prevention is the best medicine. If you are just waiting for spring to finally free you from bad mood and depression, winter is going to be pretty hard for you... Learn to accept what is; to change what is possible and to enjoy what is coming. Be in tune with the most challenging season of the year! 

During 21 days you will receive tailored attention, inspirations and tasks. Amongst others, you will learn to deal with and transform your thoughts. You will learn how to change bad habits and introduce new routines. Through practical nutritional and cooking tips you will learn to support your mind with a balanced winter diet.

And since everyone is unique, the program will be tailor-made for you! Most of us dream of the same destination, but the road there is always unique.

What will you get?

  • 21 days Winter Blues Program "travel ticket" with 3 live dates

  • a "suitcase" full of knowledge and information about mental and physical health

  • easy recipes and nutrition tips

  • book recommendations

  • Motivational and inspirational quotes

  • video messages and visualisations

  • Personal travel diary and paper dream catcher

Windswept Hair
Squash Soup
Family at a Beach
Healthy Diet
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