"Good Aging"


Tailored Nutrition,

age-apropriate exercise and

mental health

"Time stops for no one. Fortunately, there is research that provides quite many great insights about good aging!"

The cells get tired and our body doesn't work as smoothly as it used to. Once you have accepted what is, you can go on to improve it. With the right nutrition, exercise and mental attitude you can feel younger and hopefully live longer too!


Learn to accept what is, to change what is possible and to enjoy what is coming. Be in tune with time .


For 21 days you will receive tailored attention, inspiration and tasks. I will share current scientific information with you and together we will discover what is good for you.  


And since everyone is unique , this program will of course also be tailor-made for you! The goal is the same for many, but the path is different for everyone.

For men and women of all ages!


What are you getting?

  • 21 days "Timeless" program with 3 live dates

  • Lots of knowledge and information about health

  • Light and age-appropriate recipes and nutrition tips

  • Literature recommendations

  • Motivation and inspirational quotes

  • video messages


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