You suddenly realise which thoughts and beliefs are in your mind. You will perceive thoughts and behaviour traps not only in yourself, but also in others and will finally be able to react in a completely different way.


"The brain is incredibly fast and bombards us with unconscious beliefs at a crazy pace." (Petra L., my first customer)


Duration: 21 Days and we meet 1x per week (either in person or virtually)

What clients say

The program helped me a lot. I suddenly had my power back! I could change things in my life because I was in my focus again.

I finally realised what I have to do feel better.

It was really good that the program went on for a few weeks because you need processing time and the opportunity to practice in real life what you learned in theory.


"mental lightness"

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Cologne, Germany
Languages: German, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian

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