Mama Mia!

"More serenity with kids"


Mental Health

Family Nutrition and

Easy Routines

"Kids test all your limits!

They bring tons of joy and at the same time, lots of worries and sleepless nights. As a working mother of 2, I know that very well...

As an expert for joy & serenity, I have learned and developed great strategies to help any mother or father go through stressful times with more ease."

Don't wait until exhaustion makes you ill or your marriages breaks into pieces. Do not despair with children who spend all day locked in their rooms and addicted to electronics.  Learn to follow your intuition and introduce new family dynamics

Learn to accept what is; to change what is possible and to enjoy what is coming. Be in tune with the challenging times of parenthood! 

During 21 days you will receive tailored attention, inspirations and tasks. Amongst others, you will learn to deal with and transform your thoughts. You will learn how to change bad habits and introduce new routines for yourself and your children. Through practical nutritional and cooking tips you will learn how to achieve mental and physical balance for the entire family.

And since everyone is unique, the program will be tailor-made for you! Most of us dream of the same destination, but the road there is always unique.

What will you get?

  • 21 days Mama Mia! Program with 3 live dates

  • lots of knowledge and information about mental and physical health

  • easy recipes and nutrition tips suitable for each age

  • book recommendations

  • Motivational and inspirational quotes

  • video messages and visualisations

  • Personal diary and paper dream catcher

Family Cooking
Working Mom
Twins on a Skateboard
Happy Baby
Family at a Beach
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